HATZOLOH TORONTO is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to respond rapidly to the emergency medical needs of Toronto's Jewish community. It complements Toronto's ambulance service by providing quick, high-quality, non-transport care within minutes of being dispatched. Hatzoloh Toronto also ensures that 911 is called, that volunteers wait with patients until an ambulance arrives, and that patients are transferred safely into the care of ambulance personnel.



Dear Mr. Friedman,

I am a Toronto paramedic working on BLS response cars. Today I attended a car accident at Bathurst and Ranee. Several of your organization were in attendance, and I would like you to pass on my thanks to them. They were assessing the 2 patients as I arrived; I just had to make sure neither had neck or back pain, and I felt completely comfortable letting them continue their assessments while I dealt with my dispatch department and update to the attending ambulance. I have done several calls with Hatzolah, and appreciate their presence whenever they are at a scene with us. As I work alone, they are a welcome resource - trained experienced first responders whom I can trust.

Thanking you and your organization for the good that you do, Paramedic Level 1, Toronto EMS

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