Vaccination Clinic

Hatzoloh Toronto

in conjunction with

ECHO, Sha’arei Shomayim, UJA,

Humber Hospital and Sunnybrook Hospital

is pleased to make a COVID vaccination clinic available to our community

Sunday July 11, 2021

at UJA Sherman Campus – 4600 Bathurst Street

There are a very limited number of vaccines available and

you are required to pre-register.

This clinic is open to the public!


Pfizer – 1st dose for ages 12+.

Pfizer – 2nd dose for ages 12+ in the following area codes: 

M2R, M3J, M3K, M3L, M3M, M3N,M6A, M6L, M6M, M6N, M9L, M9M M9N, M9V, M9W, M9R

Please note: you can receive Pfizer for your 2nd dose

even if you had Moderna or Astra Zeneca for your 1st dose.


Moderna – 1st or 2nd dose for ages 18+.


The only stipulation is that you did not have a bad reaction to your first vaccine.


By appointment only.

No Waiting.

No Line-ups.

No walk-in’s.

You MUST pre-register here.

All vaccines are given on site only. No house calls.

You can register below.

Please note: Your registration is NOT confirmed until you enter all necessary information and click the CONFIRM button. Selecting a time-slot does not reserve a space for you.

Registration will temporarily close on Friday evening at 6:30pm and re-open on Saturday night at 10pm.

with a Male Nurse

with a Female Nurse

for ages
12 to 17

2nd dose
(see above)

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Some Feedback We Received

It was flawless and we are so grateful…. So thanks very much again, sincerely!

Shannon M

The appointment was excellent.

Helena L

My appointment was great, thank you! Everything went smoothly, I was extremely impressed. I hope you run the appointments for the second shot. (I would of course love to receive updates about that, but I understand if it’s beyond your control). 

Daniel S

It was extremely well organized and I was thoroughly impressed.

Shira L

My covid vaccination was excellent. The whole process was professional, easy and  convenient. Thank you to everyone who was involved in arranging the community clinic!

Shaindel W

It was wonderful. Super organized, I felt safe indoors, everyone was kind, moved along quickly and most importantly I got my vaccine. Looking forward to my second dose and many more clinics like this. So grateful. 

Alisa W

Amazing ,for ever grateful 🙏. thank you from the bottom of my heart ,also if you could send me the link to donate to you organization
Best regards,
Jonathen F

Everything about my appointment great. Thank you for for making it possible for me to get a vaccine!

Mike U

It went very smoothly, thanks. 

Shirley S

Thank you very much for the excellent care and professionalism that the team showed at the vaccination clinic yesterday.
Very much appreciated.
Eli G

he experience inside was excellent.

Ira P

The clinic did an excellent job, the whole process was very well organized, quick and accessible and pleasant. Thank you!

Naama B

Such a wonderfully, well-organized experience.  Very very grateful !  Thank you to all the workers and volunteers.

Rebecca L

The appointment was fantastic!

Leanne W

It was great!
Couldn’t have asked for nicer, better more efficent service.
Thank you!!
Anna S

Everything went very smoothly and it was a very positive experience. 

Jonathen S

Short of serving me coffee and donuts while I sat for the 15 minutes after the shot, I’m not sure you could have made it any more convenient or efficient than it was. Everyone I dealt with was fantastic and the whole process was incredibly well run. Thank you, and hopefully I can see you again in less than 4 months.

Paul D.L.

Excellent. It was very organized and efficient. I felt very safe. 
Thank you very much.
H. B.

Could not have been smoother. Well done and I am very thankful. 

Adam P

It was great !!! thank you to all involved !!

Yitzchok D

Everything was very smooth, and I was so grateful for the chance to be vaccinated! I have had no side effects as of yet. Very good experience. 🙂

Jill R

Thank you for touching base.  The clinic was very well organized and I had a really good experience.  The nurse and staff were well informed and helpful.
Looking forward to the next dose:)
Michal A