Hatzoloh Toronto was founded 18 years ago and is part of an international organization. The purpose of Hatzoloh Toronto is to respond immediately to the emergency medical needs of the Toronto Jewish community. Hatzoloh Toronto operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We respond in the GTA to approximately 1500 – 2000 calls annually. We complement Toronto’s ambulance service with rapid, high-quality, non-transport care within minutes of being dispatched. Hatzoloh Toronto also ensures that 911 has been called. Hatzoloh Toronto’s responders will stay with a patient until the ambulance arrives as well as ensuring that a transfer of care to ambulance paramedics occurs. Today, Hatzoloh has evolved into North America’s largest volunteer emergency medical service. Its entirely volunteer membership is trained to cater to the unique religious needs of the Jewish community with regard to emergency medical care.









Hatzoloh Toronto is currently comprised of over 65 active volunteers, an administrative team, and support staff, all under the expert administrative leadership of the Executive Director and the direct guidance of the Medical Director. Volunteers consist of close to 50 emergency responders and 18 emergency dispatchers. Each group is closely monitored by district supervisors to ensure the highest level of care.

Medical Director

Dr. Paul Perlon has been an emergency room physician for 13 years. In addition to his time in the ER, Dr. Perlon runs a dynamic clinic and has served as a visiting physician and lecturer in many countries and in some children’s camps. After graduating with a B.Sc. in Biology from The University of Toronto, Dr. Perlon attended medical school at The University of Toronto where he graduated in 1996. He completed a residency in family Practice at McGill University in 1998. He then completed an Emergency medicine fellowship at McGill University in 1999. Dr. Perlon is now the Deputy Chief of Emergency at Mackenzie Health in Richmond Hill. He has extensive experience in management of patients in all areas of medicine, surgery, and paediatrics.


Emergency Medical Dispatchers undergo a training process which is closely monitored by the dispatch supervisor. Training includes classroom and practical skills. EMD’s answer the emergency calls and record all pertinent info. Following the call, the EMD will then dispatch the closest available responders to the scene via radio while simultaneously notifying Toronto EMS or York Region EMS so that they can send a paramedic ambulance. The EMD’s will also send patient status updates to the EMS crews responding as needed.

Emergency Medical Responders

EMR’s undergo a year + of extensive training in pre hospital emergency care. All training is done in house by our EMR instructor to ensure the students receive the highest caliber of training, along with the sensitivity skills needed to help the people within the community that we serve. Initial training includes classroom and practical skills followed by exams after which they enter a graduated certification program where they are closely monitored and directed by field training officers and supervisors. Upon successfully completing the aforementioned process, the trainee will be given the Hatzoloh EMR certification. EMR’s are well trained to deal with a full range of medical emergencies, from minor lacerations to cardiac arrest. They are also trained and equipped to administer a series of symptom relief and lifesaving medications. The EMR is required to attend a Hatzoloh sponsored monthly CPR review and a bi monthly Continuing Medical Education lecture. As well, EMR’s are encouraged to spend time observing patient care while riding along with ambulance crews and emergency room shifts.


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