Some Halocho Pertaining to the Situation We Are In

All halochos are under the auspices of Rabbi Chanoch Ehrentreu, Kollel Toronto.

1)      You should give Tzdoko before Davening and you should say the Posuk ואני בצדק אחזה פניך . You should preferably put the money in a Pushka. If you don’t have a Pushka you should put it in specific place to give to  Tzdoko.

2)     In davening every day you should say אחינו כל בית ישראל הנתונים וכו….

3)     You should designate a place in your house where to daven.

4)     You should not daven in front of a picture or photo of a person.

5)     You should not daven in front of a mirror.

6)     You should be dressed in proper attire to daven.

7)     You should say קל מלך נאמן before Kriyas Shema.

Shabbos Davening at Home

  1. This is a special opportunity to show Hashem how special we can make our Shabbos davening at home!
  2. פלג המנחה is 613pm. If making early Shabbos then מנחה should be before פלג and מזמור שיר with מעריב after פלג. [I suggest Davening מעריב before eating the סעודה ]
  3. After מעריב say ויכלו but not מגן אבות .
  4. Do not forget to repeat קריאת שמע after צאת הכוכבים .
  5. Krias HaTorah should be said from a chumash. Preferably a Chamisha Chumshei Torah.
  6. Parshas Hachodesh should be said as well, it is in the back of the Chumash. Preferably one should also read the pesukim for Parshas HaChodesh from within the Chamisha Chumshei Torah in Parshas Bo.
  7. Haftorah should be said.
  8. Yukom Purkon is not said [משנ”ב סי’ קא ].
  9. Bircas Hachodesh is said. Rosh Chodesh is on יום חמישי [Thu].
  10. The Molad of ניסן  is: Tuesday 10 hours 14 minutes and 11 Chalakim
  11. Av Harachamim is not said.
  12. The meal should be after Mussaf not before.
  13. Mincha. Afteובא לציון say the  פסוק ואני תפלתי…

Pesach Kashering Guidelines

Cleaning the Car

  1. It is important to clean the car very well especially if you have children. Halachically a car is considered a Keile (a vessel.  Therefore, even though crumbs are usually considered Botul, this refers to the individual crumb. However, an accumulation of crumbs in a vessel, such as a car, may combine to be considered Choshuv and not Botul.
  2. You should clean and vacuum all the seats, crevices and between and under the seats.
  3. Even if you have the car professionally cleaned, you still have to check it after it is cleaned.

d)     You have to do B’dikas Chometz in the car.Toggle content goes here, click edit button to change this text.

Selling Chometz

1) Question: Can you buy Chometz before Pesach this year because of COVID 19 (you are afraid there may be shortages after Pesach) and sell it to a non-Jew?

Answer: Rabbi Miller Shlita holds, that it is not the correct thing to do but it is not Osur to do.

2) Question: If you usually don’t sell Chometz Gomor (bread, cake, cereals etc…) may you sell it this year?

Answer: Rabbi Miller Shlita holds, that it is not the correct thing to do but it is not Osur to do.

3)    Question: Do you have to be Matir Neder to sell Chometz Gomor this year if you usually don’t?

Answer: Rabbi Miller Shlita holds you do not have to be Matir Neder.